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Royalty Meets Couture

Relive the love story that left the world spellbound, when Shah Jahan’s beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal dreamt of floating high in the sky and touching the stars, her doting husband left no stone unturned to turn her dream into a reality in the form of a luxurious palace called “Sheesh Mahal” made with finely cut mirrors and encrusted with real gemstones.

Unfortunately, the queen did not live to witness the beautiful realization of her dream yet the “Sheesh Mahal” remains an iconic symbol of love that never fails to mesmerize its visitors. We take you on a journey reminiscing the mystic charm of an era that celebrated love, fashion and femininity with utmost grace and grandeur.

Cross Stitch unstitched luxury lawn campaign ‘Sheesh Mahal’ collection is the perfect assortment of effervescent colors, opulent fabrics, fine craftsmanship, intricate embroideries, embellishments, details and regal designs, that’ll take you to the times where everything was a reflection of sheer art.

This season turn heads as you step out in prints that spell elegance epitomises grandeur, intricacy and fabrics that define luxury with Cross Stitch.

Cross Stitch
Collection: Sheesh Mahal
Photographer: Shayan Sherwani
Make-up: Qasim Liaqat
Art direction: Hashim Ali
Stylist: Arbaqan
Jewellery: Allure by Mehreen Tabani and Traditional jewelery
Shoes: Soma & Gardozi
Model: Syra Yousuf - @sairoz
Coordination: Shireen Rehman

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Instagram: @crossstitch_official
Website: www.crossstich.pk

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