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Dial M for Meera

This scribe met Meera Jee back in 2004, for the first time for an interview while she had taken a shoot break from India while she was working for her debut Bollywood venture Nazar. Even after a decade and a half she hasn’t changed she was a diva back then and is still one. And the cover photo shoot says it all!

If there’s one thing you can’t’ fault Meera for, it’s honesty. Whether she is talking about her career, the controversies that surround her, or her life, the lady tells it like it is. Complete candour in her style. This is one Lollywood lass who has all the oomph and sensuality anyone could wish for.

Here’s a few musings from that interview that somehow still stand corrected:

The Gossip Mill…. “Gossip always works for me, it’s an advantage and in turn I become more famous. We are like the stars and the moon in the sky. You can only look from afar. And I am definitely a star, so gossips add to the brightness. One should believe in oneself and I definitely do. If I didn’t believe in my abilities, then people who gossip about me would have been in my place.

The Art of Farangi (English) Lingo…. “I don’t understand why people have such a problem with my not being able to converse in English. I don’t come from an English speaking background. Give me one Angrez (English man) who speaks well in Urdu. I am trying to further improve my English but I DAMN care about anyone. Let them make fun of this issue. Whoever has a problem, they can go fly a kite!”

Uzma Mazhar

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