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She is known for her audacious approach to fashion, femininity and feminism celebrating the modern woman. Featuring unique embellishments using numerous techniques and countless stitches that add dimension and depth Hira at Hira Ali Studios explores distinctive techniques of artistry; redefining cuts and colour combinations and with her eclectic outlook the couture that is created is fashionably wearable.


Hira Ali Studios unveils ‘Amour de Soi – an ode to being true to one's self,’ (Summer'19 Bridal Couture collection) experimenting with fabrics, embroidery techniques and new materials. For Amour de soi the designer has used various "Goata" trims to "Dabka" infusing it with odd shaped sequins to 3-D stitches and blended sequins including appliqués.

The collection presents silhouettes that are modern, creating fashion that does not limit wearers but rather creates a coming together of tradition, splendor and contemporary style. So go 3-D, bling and shine with “Amour de soi - an ode,’ a complete collection to add to your bridal trousseau.



Designer: Hira Ali Studios
Amour de soi (Summer'19 Bridal Couture collection)
Saad Sami
Haiya Bokhari
Maham Iqbal Bosan
Zara Peerzada & Anushka Qizilbash

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 Website: www.hiraali.com

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